In my post about our trip to the land of Harris Tweed I mentioned the wonderful Harris Tweed Exhibition where my husband and I got some inspiration. For me it was a fushia tweed biker jacket and for my husband it was this gilet

This one was rather spectacularly padded and he didn’t want it to be quite as pouffy but  he really like the high collar. We found something in rather a dull green tweed in the shop for £195.  The dream was born!

When we visited Donald John Mackay at Luskentyre we found a lovely tweed we both agreed on and I decided this was going to be my project to finish for our 30th wedding anniversary.  Along with a pair of hand knitted boot socks! He often jokes that I’ve made suits and jackets for my sons but only a pair of pyjamas from a duvet set and boxers from my scraps for him in recent years. Which was sadly true, until just before our holiday, when I made a Thread Theory Fairfield Button up and Thread Theory Jutland Pants unwillingly modelled here

Back to the gilets, I found a base to start from using the Seamwork Denali Vest and adding my own pockets and the specifically requested high collar. I attempted a rather disastrous flat collar draft and ended up draping one which I really enjoyed doing.

I decided to try the whole design out on a piece of tweed I got in a bargain bundle from Fabworks Mill Shop last year and bought some wax cotton for the contrast yoke. I had some polyester wadding which I used, which made quite a lightweight jacket.  Once I made the vest up and we were happy with it I was wondering what to do with it but my BIL visited on way home from holiday and when he tried it on he said he felt like a fine gent. I suspect the fabric has English heritage, who knows maybe Yorkshire? It’s certainly going to be worn in Yorkshire. I believe the plan is to wear it for something rather wonderful, The Distinguished Gentlemans Ride in 2018💗

When it came to working on the real deal I used wool quilt wadding, two layers in body and one in the yoke. I bought it from here Wool wadding from Amazon

It was only after sewing that I realised the quilting lines in the original and the wearable muslin were horizontal and I went a bit Chanel here! I had been reading about Chanel techniques and look at that, second nature😂 In order to make up I had to trim all seam allowances, the quilting kept it nicely in place!

The hardest part was applying the snaps, pretty sure it took nearly as long to conquer those as it did to sew the body. I had to hand understitch the lining so I feel now he has a somewhat Couture Tweed Gilet.

I had fun with the labels

I’ve also finished the boot socks 

So I’ve made it! Huge improvement on our 25th when he said all he wanted was another handknit jumper to replace the one I made about 10 years ago. He got it for our 28th. And doesn’t  wear it, it’s not as comfy as the first one. If you sew for your guys is comfy their mantra too?

We’re of to Arran for a few days where it’s not to rain all the time so I may get some sneaky in action shots for Instagram!

Oh I nearly forgot the best part, total cost for Harris Tweed version £60 ✋️


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