This blog has been a long time coming, I’ve been a little scared tbh and struggled with the blog platform I chose, then I discovered WordPress and decided to try again. I chose the name two years ago when I was in the midst of intense sewing for family weddings and everything was special. My own sewing background was, in what feels like a past life, making bridesmaids dresses and ball gowns for students. Back when I had more courage than skill. I feel like it’s swung the other way now.  Making is now for me and mine.

I don’t intend to blog about past makes, just plan to jump in where I am but to get the blog ball rolling I’d like to show you some of my Silk and Tweed makes that still fill me with joy to look at 💕 I’ll start with the silk.

First up is my Mother of the Groom outfit Vogue 8875 I made the dress in a John Kaldor fabric and the jacket in raw silk, underlined with silk organza and lined with deep purple China silk. I remember flashing the lining a lot, it was so beautiful 😍

Also for this wedding I made a silk dress for my DIL Vogue 8789 She wanted a princess dress with an Audrey Hepburn neckline. This was made in silk with a self lined bodice and silk chiffon cummerbund. In hindsight I should have underline the bodice as it has a tendency to droop unless her shoulders were perfectly straight but I opted not to be MIL from hell hissing Stand Straight 😂

I actually first got back into sewing after many years juggling caring for very sick parents and being a mum and working. There was little time left for me so I went a little crazy and made the cutest raw silk hot pink dress for the reception of my eldest sons wedding and pretty much did the same for my youngest sons wedding. I made Vogue 1182 for the evening of that wedding and now OOP Vogue 1108 for my elder sons wedding. I felt so pretty in pink

This was the photo I took when I suddenly thought have I bought the same fabric. No I hadn’t, but hmm everyone else thought I had 😂

And finally in this round up my biggest challenge to date, the wonderful McCalls7154

If ever I would  have blogged this should have been it. In short what I would say is don’t make it in cheap fabric, it looks cheap, the poly satin toile showed us that, and definitely toile!! I also removed the yoke gathers. I don’t think anyone needs extra fabric there! I used a Matt silk crepe at an amazing price of £15 a mtr from Edinburgh fabrics and it looked amazing on the day, though I cried for all the wrong reasons. I had wondered if we would ever get there! Just before wedding we found an unexplained mark and I panicked trying to get it out and ruined it and had to remake the entire front bodice again. Oh I still get palpitations. And remember that is why I don’t sew for money. 😉

Hope you enjoyed looking at my silkies.


2 thoughts on “Why Silk and Tweed?

  1. Wonderful outfits!! Thank you for sharing. I’d love to hear more about the technical decisions and approaches that you take when sewing with silk….


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